How to Use EasyCap With VCR

By Mandy Slake

The EasyCap is a line of USB video capture devices. These devices allow you to connect a video source, such as a VCR, video game console or camcorder, to a computer using composite video or S-video connections. Once you have connected your VCR to the EasyCap, you can use video capture software to record the audio and video output as a file on your computer's hard drive or on a recordable DVD.

Install the EasyCap drivers from the CD-ROM that came with the device. If you don't have the CD, try downloading the driver from the USB EasyCap website.

Plug the USB connector on the EasyCap into a USB port on your computer.

Insert the red and white audio cables leading from the audio output jacks on your VCR into the matching cables on the EasyCap.

Plug the video cable leading from the VCR's video output port into the matching port on the EasyCap. The EasyCap has two video inputs, a yellow jack for composite video and black jack for S-video. S-video gives a better quality picture, but it is not available on all VCRs.

Open the video capture software of your choice and set the input source to the EasyCap device. Check the documentation for your video capture software if you are not sure how to do this.

Turn on your VCR, and press "PLAY" to begin transmitting the audio and video signal.