How to Use EagleSoft

by Sara Davis

EagleSoft is a software program designed for use in dental practices. The idea behind the software is that it organizes the office systems efficiently, minimizing the work for employees within the office and maximizing productivity and profitability. Using a single file for every patient record, EagleSoft manages tooth and perio charting, images, PSR results, and chart notes.


Purchase EagleSoft software. This is a software available for private office and practice management; you can purchase both or either one.


Contact EagleSoft regarding training options. In the purchase process you will be given the option to choose which training plan to use. Available for you are training videos, and contact with an EagleSoft representative via online chat.


Implement EagleSoft into your practice. This may take some time, as you will need to transfer a great deal of information that is in paper format to digital storage. However, this is an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the new software.


Begin using EagleSoft daily. Contact an EagleSoft representative with any questions or confusion, and upgrade your system regularly to keep it current.

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