How to Use Dragon Dictate Remote Desktop

By LarryP

Dragon Dictate allows you to type by speaking. You can even use it away from home!
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Nuance has created a program called Dragon Dictate, which recognizes your personal voice pattern and types as you speak. It's an ingenious program that can speed up your word processing and allows those who cannot physically type a chance to do so. If you ever need to use your Dragon Dictate away from home, you have the ability to do so as long as your remote desktop program supports audio bridging.

Step 1

Connect your microphone to the USB connection on your computer. Test it to make sure it works on the computer you're using. You can find a list of Nuance-approved microphones at the MacSpeech website (see Resources).

Step 2

Open your remote desktop application via the desktop, the "Start" menu or the "Applications" menu.

Step 3

Enable your microphone on the remote desktop application. This will be found in your remote desktop options menu. It may be labeled "Enable audio."

Step 4

Test your microphone on your current computer as well to ensure the microphone does work. Do this by opening a sound recording program on the computer, speaking and playing back the recording. If the microphone does not work, resolve the issue before continuing.

Step 5

Connect to your other desktop using your remote desktop application. If you can see your other computer's screen on this computer's screen then you have successfully made a connection. Again, test the microphone at this point by opening a sound recording program on the remote desktop, speaking and playing back. This will help you isolate issues if Dragon Dictate does not function properly when you open it.

Step 6

Launch Dragon Dictate on your remote desktop. You can either do so from the "Applications" menu or the desktop.

Step 7

Open the word processing program you intend to use. Dragon Dictate is compatible will all word processing software so you do not need a specific one.

Step 8

Speak through your microphone. This should transfer from your microphone through your current desktop. It will travel through your Internet connection to your remote desktop, then finally reaching your word processing program.