How to Use Different Fonts on a TM-T88III

By Eric Love

Epson's TM-T88III receipt printer allows for the configuration of fonts other than the default 8 point system font. By connecting to the receipt printer with a serial cable and using the built-in terminal software, you will be able to configure the printer to use different fonts and font sizes. You may find this especially useful in boutique or service industry businesses that have a particular style that would be best matched by a different font on customer receipts.

Step 1

Click "Start" and type "Command Prompt."

Step 2

Click "Command Prompt" from the Windows search results to open a new Command Prompt window.

Step 3

Type "cd C:\Epson\T88II\UTIL\BIN" and press "Enter."

Step 4

Type "vterm -l" to list serial devices connected to your system. The TM-T88III will be labeled on the list and have a two digit identification number at the end.

Step 5

Type "vterm -c 01" and press "Enter." Replace "01" with the identification number for your TM88III.

Step 6

Type the command "font /s /d" to change the default font and size. Change to a numeric value that represents the bullet point size of the font, ranging from 8 to 24. Change to the font family you would like to use. Supported font family values are ARIAL, GEORGIA, TIMES, LUCIDA, SYSTEM and VERDANA. Press "Enter."

Step 7

Wait as the command is sent character by character to the device. It will beep when it has successfully received its new instruction set.