How to Use Dazzle

By Amy Davidson

The Dazzle device connects to your computer's USB port.
i USB clear cable image by Monika 3 Steps Ahead from

Converting VHS tapes into a digital format is an effective way to preserve the tapes, such as past family videos or favorite movies that aren't manufactured digitally. The Dazzle Video Creator is a program that works between your VHS player and computer to convert VHS videos into a digital format that can then be saved onto your computer and burned onto a CD. Learning how to use this program can help you preserve your favorite VHS tapes.

Put the Dazzle Video Creator software setup CD into your computer's hard drive. A prompt should appear that will help you take the steps you need to have the program available on your computer. Follow the prompted steps until Dazzle is installed.

Attach the Dazzle USB port device to your computer's USB port slot. Attach a separate video cable to the knobs on the other end of the Dazzle device, matching the ends of the cable to the same-colored knobs.

Attach the end of the separate video cable into the colored output knobs on your VCR, again matching the ends of the cables to the different colored knobs. You can usually find knobs either in the front or back of your VCR, and they are typically labeled input and output for your convenience.

Open the Dazzle Video software on your computer. The software will connect to the VCR automatically, so no special setup is needed. Play the VHS and hit record in the Dazzle program when areas of the VHS that you want to record play, or simply play and record the entire VHS.

Save the recorded video under the File and Save tab that is located in the top left corner of the Dazzle program. You can now edit or burn the VHS videos as you please.