How to Use the Cuddeback Capture

By Irene A. Blake

The Cuddeback Capture digital scouting camera rapidly detects and photographs animals in a wide variety of natural settings. Whether you're a hunter or a nature enthusiast, you can set up the Capture, walk away, and later retrieve vibrant full-color photographs.


Open the camera's cover, push the hinge rod at the top of the camera to the left to hold the cover open and review the camera parts using your owner's manual.

Screw the camera to the tree bracket.

Confirm that the rotary switch at the bottom is in the "Off" position and insert the D cell batteries. After the LCD screen flashes a series of numbers and the green and red LEDs turn off, insert your SD card.

Program the time, date and year. Turn the rotary switch to each of the positions, use the A and B keys to scroll through to the correct for each and set.

Shut the camera cover by pushing the top hinge to the right.

Select a tree about 10 to 15 feet from your target area and, using the strap that came with it, attach the Cuddeback Capture to the tree at a height of at least three feet.

Reposition the camera on the tree using the Capture's detection zone testing feature. Open the cover, switch to the "Test" position, close the cover and walk around in front of the camera until the red LED comes on. If it comes on when you walk in a spot that you don't want photographed, reposition.

Set the camera timer, the amount of time the camera waits between shots, by turning to the appropriate setting in the red "Armed" section on the rotary dial. To confirm that the capture armed correctly, close the cover, lock it with a miniature lock and quickly (within 45 seconds) walk away. Walk back to see if it takes your picture.

Retrieving Photographs

Unlock the cover and open.

Press the A or B key to stop the timer from taking another photograph and check the LCD for the number of images taken. Press the A or B key again to confirm the amount of SD free space remaining (in MB) and the date, time and year. Two dashes indicate the camera's testing mode has activated.

Remove the SD card.

Replace with another SD card, close the cover and lock or view, save and/or delete the card data on a second camera or the Cuddeback CuddeView 4-in1 and then re-install the original SD card, close the cover and lock.