How to Use Crossover Cable to Connect a PC to a Printer

By Jordan Whitehouse

A crossover cable is an Ethernet cable that is typically used to connect hardware, such as printers and computers, to a network. With a crossover cable, you don't need a network device, such as a router. You can also use a crossover cable to connect your computer to a printer that is on the network. The entire process for hooking up your printer to your computer will take about five minutes.

Step 1

Turn off both the computer and the printer.

Step 2

Plug one end of the crossover cable into the network card port, located on the back of the computer.

Step 3

Plug the opposite end of the crossover cable into the port on the side or the back of the printer.

Step 4

Turn on your computer and the printer.

Step 5

Navigate to your computer's "Control Panel," click on "Printers" and select "Add Printers."

Choose the printer that you are connected to in the list that appears, and follow the instructions to complete the set-up.