How to Use a Craigslist Reply Email With My Gmail Account

By Aaron Charles

Craigslist and Google's Gmail integrate in more ways than one.
i China Photos/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Bloomsberg Businessweek has listed both Craigslist and Google among the most influential companies in history, and both companies have allowed ways to integrate the other's service into its own. For example, Google has featured apps such as Craigslist Search to complement Google's search engine, providing an easy way to search for Craigslist listings from Google. And Craigslist has created a tool fusing Google's Gmail into Craigslist, enabling people to reply to ads easily with Gmail. There are two main ways to use a Craigslist reply email with Gmail -- when posting an ad, and when replying to someone else's ad.


Step 1

Locate the Craigslist reply email in the ad you want to respond to.

Step 2

Click the "Reply" button next to the Craigslist reply email. Then click "Gmail" under the "Reply Using Webmail" heading.

Step 3

Sign in to your Gmail account. Enter the message you'd like to send to the placer of the ad, and click "Send."


Step 1

Click "Post to Classifieds" on the Craigslist homepage.

Step 2

Select the posting category and subcategories and click "Continue" on each page, until you reach the ad page.

Step 3

Enter appropriate ad information, such as your posting title and price. Enter your Gmail address in the "Reply To" boxes, and ensure the "Anonymize" option is selected. Click "Continue."

Step 4

Upload any images by clicking the "Choose File" button. Next, click "Done With Images." Then review the ad and click "Continue."

Step 5

Sign in to your Gmail account and open the Craigslist confirmation email. Then click the confirmation link to publish your ad. Any replies to the Craigslist reply email will forward to your Gmail address.