How to Use Corel WordPerfect Lightning

by Contributor

Corel WordPerfect Lightning is a new, free software product. It is simple to use and can revolutionize the way you organize your business writing. The program combines notes from several formats into one so that you can then share them when necessary. Read on to learn more.

Create a folder. From the horizontal Navigation bar, click the "New Folder" button. Give the folder a name. If the folder already exists, you can right click it to rename it.

Grab ideas from other sources and copy them into Notes. You can access many types of formats from the program. The word processing feature of WordPerfect Lightning allows you to manipulate the notes you took as you would with any other word processor.

Take a screenshot picture of text and images with the Snapshot tool. Simply click on the "Snapshot" button. That creates a screenshot, which you can then drag, and drop to wherever you wish to use it.

Move notes, documents and folders around anywhere using the Navigation toolbar. If you have a folder started, drag an item into it.

Email friends with the built-in email tool on the Navigation bar of Wordperfect Lightning. The program connects with your default email client. Drag notes and documents into the body of the email if you wish or send them as attachments.

Do additional collaboration with Connector. You get the use of 2 free email accounts when you download WordPerfect Lightning. This allows you to share calendars, ideas and notes easily with people you are working with on a project.

Stay current with new uses for Corel WordPerfect Lightning. Corel hosts a user's forum that has all kinds of tips to help you find more uses for the software. Online help is available by clicking the "Help Topics" button on the toolbar.

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