How to Use Your Computer As a Telephone Answering Machine

By Khalidah Tunkara

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When your regular answering machine no longer functions, your computer can take over the job of answering incoming calls and taking messages. Computers can act as automatic receptionists, and software such as EZvoice phone answering software can be a useful, more affordable alternative to purchasing a new or used answering machine.

Step 1

Visit the EZvoice website and download the software to your computer.

Step 2

Install the software using the automatic install feature.

Step 3

Configure your desired feature, such as caller ID or blocking of unwanted callers.

Step 4

Make sure that your modem is the proper type to accept incoming telephone calls. Most computers are set to accept telephone calls; however, you may have a modem that will accept only data and fax calls. If your modem is data-based, you can purchase a modem to accept telephone calls at any computer store that sells computer hardware.

Step 5

Plug your phone line cord into your computer's telephone jack. This will allow calls to be picked up by your computer.

Step 6

Make a test call to your telephone number to make sure that the software is working and your computer is connecting with the call properly.