How to Use a Computer Microphone

by Contributor

These days, we do a lot more on the computer than just enter data. We play games, chat, listen to and record music and even talk on the phone. To do these activities and more, we need to use a microphone. You can easily connect and use a microphone with your personal computer.

Purchase a microphone that will suit your needs.

Locate the jack for the microphone on your computer. Many of them are color coded to match the microphone wire.

Plug the microphone into the jack.

Turn on a chat feature you will be using the microphone for.

Test the microphone by asking other people in the chat area if they can hear you.

Adjust the volume on the program you are using. The microphone volume option is usually located in the setup section of the program.


  • check If your computer is not color-coded for a microphone attachment, look for a picture of a microphone next to a jack. That is the microphone jack.
  • check Select a microphone that will fit properly on your desk in a position that will be close enough to you to pick up your voice.
  • check Consider purchasing a headset with a microphone attached to it.