How to Use a Computer to Initialize a DVD

by Damarious Page

Standalone DVD players usually start playing movies on the TV screen after insertion of the disc, but computer DVD drives are not as simple. DVD drives on PCs do more than just show movies, and automatic initialization of a disc would not suit all users' needs. Some DVD discs install software, while other recordable (DVD-R) and rewritable (DVD-RW) discs serve as storage media. If automatic initialization, or "AutoPlay," of DVD discs is disabled in the Windows 7 operating system, you can enable this functionality.

Click "Start." Type "AutoPlay" in the search box at the bottom of the "Start" menu. Press "Enter."

Click the drop-down menu for "DVD Movie" under the "Media" section in the window.

Choose "Play DVD Movie Using Windows Media Player."

Click "Save" to have the computer automatically initialize DVD playback in Windows Media Player after inserting the disc.


  • check Alternatively, use the Windows "Task Scheduler" to automatically initialize DVD playback at a specific time (see Resources).

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