How to Use Comcast Webmail

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The first electronic mail sent from one computer user to another was sent and received in 1965. The first emails passed along a single computer system sharing the same mainframe computer(s). The introduction of the Internet took email to the next level by allowing users to send messages across local computer networks. One of the problems with email was the inability to access the messages from any computer. Webmail, like Comcast webmail, allows people to access email messages from any computer with Internet access. Comcast webmail is easy to use at home, the office or on vacation on the other side of the world.

Establish an email account with Comcast to use for webmail. You may use an existing account or go into the Comcast email system to start a new email account.

Visit from any computer with access to the Internet (see Resources below). If possible, use the Internet Explorer or Firefox browser to access the Comcast website with a PC. If you use a Mac, use Safari or Firefox for best results.

Select the email link by clicking "Email" at the top of the Comcast homepage.

Enter your user name and password into the appropriate boxes to gain access to your webmail account.

Select an email to read by clicking it. Clear any junk emails out of your webmail system by highlighting them and pressing the delete key.

Respond to emails by clicking the "Reply" button, typing your message and clicking "Send." Create new emails by clicking "New Message," typing your message and clicking "Send."

Log out of the webmail session by clicking the "log out" or "log off" link on the screen.


  • check Create a user name and password you can easily remember. The password should be made up of letters and numbers like the first three or four letters of your favorite restaurant and the price of your favorite meal there.
  • check When you check your email on someone else's computer, make sure options to store and/or save the user name and password are not in effect.


  • close You must use Comcast as your Internet service provider to use a Comcast email/webmail account.
  • close Don't give your account information out to anyone for any purpose whatsoever.
  • close Don't delete emails when using webmail if you want to receive the emails in an email program on another computer. For example, if you are visiting an Internet cafe to check your webmail while on vacation, you may read an email from a friend or family member and then delete it. When you get home, you will not be able to view the message using webmail or your other email program.

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