How to Use Columns in Word

by Tamara Runzel

Microsoft Office Word 2007 is a word processing program that is part of Microsoft Office 2007. It has many features that can help your documents look cleaner and more professional. One of those features is columns. Using columns gives you different options to present your information in a format more like a newsletter or newspaper. Dividing your work into columns is very easy to do in Word 2007. The steps in the following article will help you put together a document using columns in Word 2007.

Using Columns in Microsoft Word

Open a new document in Microsoft Office Word 2007.

Click on "Page Layout" near the top of your document.

Click on "Columns" in the "Page Setup" area and then "More Columns" from the drop-down menu.

Choose how you want your columns to appear from the "Presets" area.

Choose the number of columns you want by using the numbers on your keyboard or by using the up and down arrows.

Change the width and spacing of your columns, if you want.

Select whether you want the columns applied to the whole document or just from the point where your cursor is located. Now you can begin typing. When you get to the end of one column, your text will wrap to the next column.


  • check You can also select certain parts of your text to be set in columns by selecting that text and following the above steps. You can put a line between your columns, by selecting the "Line Between" option in the column formatting box.

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