How to Use Clear Internet With a Router

By Shea Laverty

The CEO of Clearwire is William Morrow.
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Clear modems can be connected to routers to expand a home network to include multiple devices. Although Clear's actual Internet service runs on cellular data networks, the equipment used is similar to most other modems and Internet equipment. Setting up a home network using a Clear modem is straightforward, requiring no additional tools outside of what came in the boxes for your modem and router.


To set up your Clear modem and router, you need to select an appropriate location for the modem. Since Clear modems rely on cellular data networks, set the modem in a location for optimal signal reception. The signal strength depends on your home's distance from the nearest Clear tower, so try a few locations to determine where you can get the best signal. You also need sufficient Ethernet cables to reach from your modem to your router and for all other computers connecting to the router if you're building a wired network.

Wired Routers

When building a wired network using your Clear modem, you need to connect an Ethernet cable from the modem to the router's "In" or "Modem" Ethernet port. Connect each computer in the network to the "Out" ports on the router using Ethernet cables. Depending on the locations of the different computers and the layout of your home, lengthy wires or Ethernet repeater boxes may be required.

Wireless Routers

Wireless networks are easier to set up than wired networks because they don't require any creative routing of Ethernet cables or the use of repeater boxes. After you've connected the modem to the router, have your connected computers scan for available networks. After the network is detected, type in the router's password to gain access to the Internet. All computers connecting to the wireless network require a compatible wireless card or a compatible USB Wi-Fi adapter.

Modems With Wi-Fi Capability

Clear also offers modems with wireless router capability without the need for additional equipment. These modems function as wireless hotspots and often feature one or more Ethernet ports for wired connections.