How to Use the Check Register in Quicken

By Editorial Team

Updated December 12, 2019

Keeping track of spending can be difficult. People are constantly swiping their credit or debit cards without even thinking about doing it, much less recording that spending in their check register and updating their balance. Quicken makes this whole process easier because the software is right at your finger tips allowing you to quickly input expenditures then get back to what you were doing on the computer.

Install and launch the Quicken software.

Create your check register by clicking "File," then "New." Select "New Quicken Account," then click "OK." Follow the detailed instructions on how to set up your check register. You will need your personal checking account information.

Change to the register view once you have finished creating your account. To do this click on the tab titled "Register" on the right side of your computer screen.

Notice how the register includes two lines for each transaction. The lines are for the date, check number, detailed description, payment or deposit and amount. Use the "Tab" key on your keyboard to move through the columns or use your mouse to click directly on the columns you need to access.

Start the process of entering information in your check register by inputting the date then hitting "Tab" and moving through the register until you have finished. You can also click on the calendar icon if you need help remembering a specific date to pay certain bills.