How to Use a U.S. Cell Phone in Kuwait

by Andy Kyle
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If you are planning on visiting or even staying in Kuwait, staying in touch with family and friends will be important. Many will want to know that you safely arrived and then how your stay is going. In order to communicate effectively and instantly, a cell phone is recommended. A prepaid international cell phone is the most convenient and cheapest way to stay in contact with family and friends while you are in Kuwait.

Step 1

Buy an international cell phone. International cells are classified as GSM mobile phones; look for one that operates on the GSM 900 and GSM 1800 frequency. This will be the frequency you need to operate the phone while in Kuwait.

Step 2

Unlock the cell phone. Most international cell phones come unlocked, but this is one important item you will need to verify before purchasing the phone, just in case.

Step 3

Buy a Kuwait SIM card. You can easily obtain a Kuwait SIM card from many online cell phone retailers. A Kuwait SIM card allows you to make local calls within the country at the same rate as a local Kuwait citizen, yet you don't have to commit to a long term contract.

Customize your prepaid phone. Most prepaid phones come with the same functionality as typical long-term contract phone. You can make and receive calls, browse the Internet and send and receive text messages. Depending on how you plan to use the phone while in Kuwait, you can customize the prepaid international phone accordingly.


  • Incoming calls from other cell phones originating in Kuwait will be very inexpensive with a local SIM cards. However, international incoming calls will be billed around $0.16 per minute, so be aware of your prepaid balance and the remaining minutes left on your plan.


  • It is best to obtain the international cell phone and local SIM card prior to leaving the country. Not only will this allow you to enable and test the phone, more importantly, you can leave your contact information with family and friends before you leave so they can get a hold of you.


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