How to Use a Cell Phone As Fax Modem

by Cameron Easey

Cell phones manufactured today have the capability to be used as a GPS device and music player, and even to send a fax. To send a fax with a cell phone you will need to use an online fax service, such as MyFax or eFax. This will allow you to send a fax using a compatible phone, such as a Blackberry or iPhone. Once you have registered with an online service, you will be able to send a fax via a standard email message.


Go to the MyFax website and click the "Try MyFax Free for 30 days!" button. Select your state from the drop down selection box. Select your city from the other drop down selection box.

Click the "Next Step" button to continue. Enter the required information to register with the service.

Click the "Finish" button and a confirmation email will be sent to your phone.


Go to the eFax website and click the "Get Started" option. Enter your zip code in the text box and click the "Search" button.

Select your area code from the list below and click the "Continue" button.

Enter your name and email address into the text boxes and click the "Almost Finished" button. Complete the remaining information.

Click the "Finish" button and a confirmation email will be sent to your phone.

Send a Fax

Take a picture of a document or photo that you need to fax using the camera on your Blackberry or iPhone.

Navigate to the email application for your phone. Enter the email address for your Myfax or eFax account into the "To:" field.

Attach the picture or document files that you want to fax.

Click "Send" to send the message. The email will be received by MyFax or eFax and then be sent as a fax to the intended recipient.


  • check Include the information in the body of the email that is required by the fax service.


  • close The MyFax service has a $10 monthly fee after the trialyl period expires.
  • close The eFax service has a $16.95 monthly fee.

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