How to Use CD Stomper

By Greyson Ferguson

CD rewritable drives are an incredibly useful device on the computer. Not only do they allow the user to create music CDs that can be played in virtually any CD player, but data disks can be made to transfer data from one computer to another. The problem though, is that the disks themselves are left looking unprofessional, with nothing more than a title scribbled with a Sharpie pen. That's where CD Stomper comes in. CD Stomper lets users design covers for the disks, then press them onto the disk for a professional look.

Open the "CD Stomper" software.

Design a label. You can either create one from scratch or use one of the pre-created labels. Load the CD paper into the printer. The paper is two layers. The top layer is where the image is printed. It has a sticky underside that will allow it to adhere to the CD. This sticky underside is protected by the bottom layer of the paper (like a roll of stamps and the white paper behind the sticky side).

Click "Print" in the program when the label design is completed. Pull the printed CD design off of the rest of the paper. Place the paper, image side down, adhesive side up, onto the CD Stomper press.

Press the CD down onto the adhesive side of the paper. Make sure the top (label side) is being pushed against the sticky CD paper.

Hold the CD and paper down for a few moments. This will allow the two to form a bond. Now pull the CD up off the CD Stomper Press. The label will be smoothly adhered to the CD, giving a professional quality look.