How to Use CCleaner to Uninstall Programs

by Contributor

CCleaner is an ideal software download that removes many unwanted files from your computer. You can use it to uninstall programs of most types, and it can maintain your system once everything has been removed properly. Follow the tips below to use CCleaner.

Deep clean your computer with CCleaner. To do this, download the program and open the main page, which usually launches after the download. Several boxes should be checked indicating where the program will check for unwanted or unnecessary files. Run a thorough deep cleaning to remove the most from a system that hasn't been cleaned in a while.

Customize your options in cleaning with CCleaner. At the top of main screen are tabs for "windows" and "applications" that allow you to select even more in depth cleaning areas. These allow you to customize which files are cleaned and removed, and their possible locations.

Analyze the area you plan to clean. An analysis can tell you which items have been found and which must be removed. You can unselect any of them to keep them from being removed. It also shows you how much memory is saved by removing them. Click the "Run Cleaner" icon to remove all checked files.

Utilize the CCleaner to uninstall programs by choosing them individually. The CCleaner displays all programs on your system and gives you the option of removing them. It works like Windows Add or Remove Programs Utility, but it is faster and more thorough.

Use the "Startup" button located in the main screen to help you remove programs from your computer that run right at startup. You can change when they run or remove them altogether. To use this tool, ensure you know what the programs are before you remove them. Many are not easily recognizable and could be important components to other programs.

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