How to Use Cardscan

By Kristie Lorette

Learn how to use CardScan to manage your business card contacts.
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CardScan is a software and scanning system that allows you to scan your business cards. Once the CardScan scanner scans the information on your business cards, it automatically loads the contact information into your contact database of choice. Some of the contact management systems that CardScan is compatible with include Microsoft's Outlook, Lotus Notes, Sage's ACT!, GoldMine, Palm and Windows Mobile. The program helps you to load and manage contacts faster and easier than if you have to manually enter the information into your database.

Setting Up CardScan

Open the CardScan program on your computer.

Click on the programs option in the CardScan program.

Complete the settings information, if prompted to do so. This includes choosing the type of Internet connection you have, so that you can register the CardScan program online. CardScan may detect this, in which case the program does not prompt you for this information.

Select the first button in the activation box that appears on the screen, which is "I want to activate CardScan over the Internet" and then click the "Continue" button.

Type in or verify the product key that appears on the screen. You can find the product key on the box that the software came in.

Click the "OK" button.

Fill in your registration information such as your name and address.

Click on the CardScan option and then choose "CardScan for CRM," which stands for Customer Relationship Management.

Scanning Business Cards

Scan a business card by placing the card with the information side facing up on the scanner.

Click the "Process" button when the CardScan dialog box pops on your computer screen.

Review the scanned information. A box with the scanned information from the card appears on your computer screen. The box where the information appears is an edit box, so review the information to make sure the information was translated correctly during the scan.

Edit or change any wrong or inaccurate information. Click save.

Transfer to Contact Management System

Set up transfer settings. From the CardScan program, click on the "Edit" link in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

Click on the "Preferences" option.

Choose your transfer settings. In the Preferences box that pops up on your screen, choose the transfer settings, such as the program you want the CardScan file to transfer to and then click the "OK" button.

Select the files to transfer. You have the option of transferring all of the files at one time, to only transfer selected records, or to filter the records you want to be a part of the transfer.