How to Use Card Slots on an Acer Computer

By Tiffany Garden

Most Acer laptop models come with an SD memory card slot and a PC card slot. The memory card is removable storage media used for file storage in portable devices. Cameras, video cameras, mobile phones and other consumer devices also use SD cards for storage. PC card slots come in two different varieties on Acer laptops. The older version is called PCMCIA or Cardbus, while the newer version is an Expresscard. This slot allows you to add upgrades to the laptop, such as a wireless network card or sound card, without physically opening the laptop to install a device.

SD card

Step 1

Insert the SD card into the card slot on the side of your Acer laptop.

Step 2

Click "Start" and "My Computer" or "Computer," depending upon your Windows version. Right-click the SD card in the drive list and choose "Format." Click "Start."

Drag and drop files to your SD card as you would a hard drive once it is formatted. You can access files on the drive, or move them to your hard drive.

Cardbus or ExpressCards

Step 1

Check the Acer manual to determine which type of PC card slot your model uses.

Step 2

Insert the PC card's installation software into your Acer. Start the installation process. The specific steps of the installation depends upon the brand and type of PC card you're installing. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Insert the PC card when instructed by the installation software. The peripheral card should work correctly as soon as the installation completes.