How to Use the Built-in Card Reader on a HP Laptop

By Daniel Hatter

Card readers are handy things to have if you own devices that use memory cards. By simply inserting a memory card into its proper slot, you can gain access to the files and folders saved on it. Because of the convenience these card readers provide, more and more computer manufacturers are including them in their machines (both laptops and desktops). HP is one such manufacturer. Using HP's 5-in-1 memory card reader is easy.

Take the memory card out of your device. Read your device's documentation to learn the proper way to do so.

Ensure the card reader can read the format of your memory card. The HP 5-in-1 card reader uses one slot that will work for five different card types. These card types are MultiMedia Card, SD Memory Card, xD Picture Card, Memory Stick and Memory Stick Pro. Turn on your computer (if necessary) and insert the card face up into the slot. It should click into place.

Wait for the auto-run window to pop up and click "View files." If no auto-run window appears, open "My Computer" and double-click your card. It will show up as a removable disk. The contents of your memory card will now be displayed onscreen. When done, pull your card straight out of the card reader and reinsert it into your device.