How to Use a Canon MX300

By Whitney Houston

The Pixma uses a JPEG data compression system.
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Canon's Pixma MX300 all-in-one printer was released in 2007. It features a 4800 by 1200 pixel printing resolution, a USB high-speed interface, an AC 100- to 240-volt power supply, a multiple copy capacity of up to 99 pages, a 25 to 400 percent zoom capacity, a TWAIN/WIA scan driver, 600 by 1200 dpi scanning resolution, G3 and Super G3 compatibility, a fax modem, a 50-page transmission/reception memory, automatic dialing and automatic reception.

Make copies by turning on your machine using the "On/Off" button (located on the far left of the control panel). Push the "Copy" button (located to the right of the "On/Off" switch). Load some paper into the loading tray (located on the bottom front of the device), if you haven't already. Place your copy on the glass of the scanner by lifting the flap on top of the machine. Tell the copier how many copies you would like by pushing either the left or right buttons (located on the center front of the control panel) or entering a numerical value by pushing the numbered buttons (located to the right of the display). Select color or black and white copies by pushing either the "Color" or "Black" button.

Scan documents into your computer by first turning on the Pixma MX300. Align your document, face down, within the guidelines on the glass the way you want it. The maximum image size that can be scanned at one time is 8.5 by 11.7 inches. Lower the lid on the document and press the "Scan" button (the fourth button over from the left). Specify a black and white or color scan by pushing the "Color" or "Black" button.

Send a fax from your Pixma by first hooking up your phone to your printer. Press the "Fax" button (third button over from the left), and then press "Menu" (located to the upper, left of the display). Use the left or right buttons to highlight "User Settings," then press "OK." Use the left of right buttons to choose your telephone line type (touch tone or rotary pulse), and push "OK." Press the "Stop/Reset" button. Load the document on the glass, close the lid and then dial your number. Press the "Color" or "Black" button. After the scanner has scanned the image, press "OK," and the fax will be sent.