How to Use a Canon Flatbed Scanner

by Jessica Reed

The Canon flatbed scanner provides a simple, one-step process for scanning photos or documents directly to your computer. Create back-ups of documents or scan images that need to be edited for later use. After assembling the scanner, you only need to turn it on and select Scan. Setup is a short process and all the items you need will come with your Canon scanner.


Insert the Canon scanner installation CD. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the software needed to use your scanner.


Turn the scanner on its side. The Canon Quick Start Guide manual warns not to turn the scanner more than 90 degrees to avoid damaging it. Peel the stickers off the bottom of the scanner and switch the lock, located on the bottom, to the unlock position. When you need to carry the scanner, switch this into the lock position again.


Plug the power cord into the back of the scanner and then into a wall outlet. Plug the USB cable into the smaller square on the scanner. Plug the wider end into the USB port on your computer, usually located on the front of the computer.


Turn the scanner on. Wait a few seconds for it to power on and open the lid. Place the item you want to scan face down and lower the lid. Turn your computer on and press the "Scan" button on the scanner. The scanned image should appear on your computer screen after a few moments.


Save the image and turn off the scanner. Remove the item you scanned from the scanner bed.


  • close Never open the scanner when it is in the middle of a scan.

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