How to Use a Canon Digital Camera

by Contributor

Learn how to take clear, high-quality pictures and home videos with a Canon digital camera. Choose from a variety of models and features, including printing and downloading capabilities. Read these steps to learn the features of a Canon digital camera, using the PowerShot G9 model as an example.

Take still images by pressing the power button. The power button is located at the top right corner as you face the LCD monitor. A sound will play and the welcome image will appear on the LCD screen to indicate that the camera is turned on. Turn the mode dial, which is located next to the power button, to "Auto" to set the functions.

Focus your digital camera in the direction of the person or object. The camera should beep twice and the indicator light at the top of the LCD monitor should turn green when the focus is completed. You can also see a green frame on the monitor to verify the focus.

Press down the shutter button to shoot the image. The shutter button is located between the power button and the mode dial. You should hear a shutter sound, which means that the image has recorded onto your camera. The indicator light will blink green to save the photo to the camera's memory card.

Review your photos by pressing the playback button at the top right corner of the LCD monitor. Move the left or right arrows of the control dial to review other photos saved on your camera. These control arrows are found to the right of the LCD monitor.

Record home movies on your Canon digital camera. Change the mode dial to the movie setting, which is indicated by a camera icon. Turn the control dial to the same setting before shooting your movie. Make sure to turn on the microphone button at the top of the camera.

Push the shutter button halfway down to get the camera in focus. As in Step 3, the camera will beep twice, the indicator light will turn green and the exposure and white balance functions will also set automatically. Start filming your holiday party or family vacation by pressing the shutter button all the way down until you see the "Record" icon on your LCD screen.

Press the shutter button for a second time to stop recording. Press the playback button, followed by the left or right arrows and the "Function Set" button to preview the movie. You can find the "Function Set" button in the center of the control arrows. Movie files are identified by a movie camera icon.


  • check Erase any unwanted images by pressing the playback button, using the arrows to search, then selecting "Erase" on the LCD screen of your camera. Press the "Function Set" button to confirm that you want the photo or movie deleted.
  • check To print photos, plug your printer's interface cable to the terminal cover on the top side of the camera. The connection instructions will vary according to the printer. Turn on your printer and then turn on your camera. A blue printer icon, along with other image icons, will appear on the LCD screen. Choose your image or movie by using the control dial, then press the print icon.
  • check You can also download images to your computer with the correct minimum system requirements. Ensure that you have at least Windows 2000 or Mac OS X, and 200 to 300 megabytes of disk space. Connect the camera's interface cable to the computer's USB port. Next, follow the instructions for your particular Canon digital camera model for downloading images.