How to Use the Camera on a Toshiba Laptop

By Jaime Avelar

Make calls using your laptop webcam.
i Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Being able to use the built-in camera on your Toshiba laptop allows you to make phone calls, have video conferences, take pictures, and record videos. Your built-in camera may not work correctly if your camera drivers have not been updated recently. Updating to the latest drivers will fix any camera software errors, or bugs, that present when the laptop was originally sent to the market.

Step 1

Check the current version of your camera through Device Manager. Press the "Windows key" and "E" to open Windows Explorer. Right-click "Computer" and select "Properties." Click the "Hardware" tab then click "Device Manager." Click "Imaging devices," right-click your camera then click "Properties." Click the "Driver" tab and make a note of the current driver version next to "Driver Version."

Step 2

Open your Internet browser and navigate to the Toshiba Customer Support Web page (see "Resources"). Click the "Download" link to select your laptop model and click "Go." Scroll through the list of programs available for your laptop; if there is a newer camera driver, click it and select "Download" to install it.

Step 3

Start using your camera in "real-time" with an instant messaging program such as Windows Live Messenger or Skype.