How to Use Call Blocking With AT&T

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One of the calling features offered by AT&T is call blocking. This feature allows you to block your number from displaying on someone else's caller ID when dialing out, block incoming calls from specific numbers or block calls from others who hide their numbers from your caller ID.

To Block Your Number When Dialing Out

Step 1

Press *67 on your phone and listen for a dial tone.

Step 2

Dial the number you are calling.

Repeat this process for each call that you make, as this method will block your number for one call only.

To Block a Number From Calling You

Step 1

Press *60 on your phone and listen carefully to the announcement. It will tell you whether your service is on or off.

Step 2

Press 3 to turn this service on (or off), then press 1 to hear the numbers that are on your blocked list, if any.

Step 3

Press #01# to add the last number that called you to the list.

Step 4

Press # to add a new number to your list. The voice instructions will tell you to enter the area code and number, and then press # again.

Step 5

Press * to remove a number from your list. Voice instructions will then tell you to enter the area code and number, and then press #.

Step 6

Press 0 to hear all of the voice instructions again.

Deactivate selective number rejection by following Steps 1 and 2.

To Block Callers Who Have Blocked Their Numbers

Step 1

Press *77 on your phone and listen for a dial tone. Once you hear the second dial tone, you have activated call blocking of restricted numbers.

Step 2

Dial 1177 if you have a rotary phone to block callers with caller ID-blocked numbers.

Deactivate this feature by dialing *87 or 1187.


  • You can block no more than 12 numbers at a time when blocking selected incoming calls.


  • You can assign a personalized ring to different incoming calls to help you identify who is calling you without looking at caller ID.


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