How to Use a Ti84 Calculator to Graph Ordered Pairs

by Stephanie Ellen

A TI-84 graphing calculator is a handheld calculator that you can use for statistics, algebra and calculus. With the TI-84, there's no need to draw graphs by hand: The graphing screen enables you to chart and draw graphs with the push of a button or two. You aren't limited to continuous functions -- you can plot ordered pairs on the TI-84 using the Lists utility. Ordered pairs are used to plot points on an XY coordinate graph and take the form (x,y).

Step 1

Press "Stat" and then press "Edit."

Step 2

Type the X coordinate from your ordered pair into the first row of L1.

Step 3

Type the Y coordinate from your ordered pair into the first row of L2.

Step 4

Continue typing your ordered pairs into L1 and L2, typing the X coordinates in column L1 and the Y coordinates into column L2.

Press "Graph."


  • If you don't see your ordered pairs on the screen, press "Y=" and ensure that "Plot 1" is highlighted. To highlight it, use the arrow keys to place the cursor over "Plot 1" and then press the "Enter" key.


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