How to Use CAD Software

by G.K. Bayne

Computer-aided design (or CAD) software has become the main tool of architects and engineers when designing anything from new homes to elaborate circuit boards. While AutoCAD is the most popular CAD software on the market, there are a number of other programs available that allow the user to create highly technical designs. CAD software can also be very useful to the home user, and many of the programs on the market are simple to learn and use.

Install the CAD software program on your computer.

Redesign an existing room in your home by using the CAD program to do a floor plan layout. Most CAD programs have a library of objects such as sofas, tables, chairs and other furniture that can be placed into a floor plan drawing. Doing this lets you see how the room will look and feel before you do any heavy lifting.

Plan a kitchen or bath remodel on the screen before tearing out a single cabinet. Based on the measurements of the room, the CAD software will allow you to find the best placements for stoves, refrigerators, tubs and showers.

Landscape your yard for more curb appeal. CAD programs make this a simple task by allowing the user to plan out garden spaces, fencing and other elements.

Experiment with different options for a room addition to your home. With CAD software, you can find ways to utilize the available space to maximize the addition.

Use CAD software to help you design and build furniture projects, such as bookcases, tables and shelving. By using the software, you can design a piece that is the perfect size before turning on the table saw.


  • check CAD software programs can range from simple-to-use to highly complicated. The home user should download and try several different programs to find the one that suits her skill level and price range.

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