How to Use the Built-In Microphone on a Sony VAIO

by Jeff Grundy

Most modern laptop computers include an integrated microphone you can use to create recordings or for voice calls with a chat program, and Sony VAIO notebooks are no exception. Depending on the model VAIO you own, you can find the integrated microphone beside the webcam in the top of the LCD screen or just above the "F" row on the keyboard. Using the Vaio's built-in microphone is essentially the same as using one you plug in to the computer, and setting up the mic to work in applications requires only a few mouse clicks.

Configure the Microphone

Step 1

Click "Start | Control Panel | Sound | Recording."

Step 2

Highlight "Microphone" in the recording device list, then click the "Properties" button. Click the "Device Usage" drop-down list and select "Use this Device (Enable)." Click the "OK" button.

Step 3

Highlight "Microphone" again in the recording device list and click the "Set Default" button. Click the "Properties" button again.

Step 4

Click the "Custom" tab in the Microphone Properties window. Ensure that the "Microphone Boost" box does not have a check mark in it. If it does, click the box to remove the check mark.

Step 5

Click the "Levels" tab. Click and hold the Volume slide control. Use the mouse to slide the control to the desired volume level for the built-in microphone. For most applications, setting the microphone volume level to about "50" works well for recording or voice chatting.

Click "Apply," then "OK" to save the changes and close the Sound Window. Close the Control Panel window.

Create a Basic Voice Recording

Step 1

Click "Start | All Programs | Accessories | Sound Recorder."

Step 2

Click the "Start Recording" button and start speaking in a normal tone of voice. You need not speak directly into the microphone on your Sony VAIO laptop. However, you should speak while facing the laptop screen so the microphone can record your voice at audible levels.

Click "Stop Recording" after you finish speaking. A Save As window appears on the screen. Select a folder in which to save the new voice recording, then enter a filename. Click the "Save" button to save the recording. After saving the recording, double-click the file to listen to it in Windows Media Player.


  • When using the built-in VAIO microphone, it may pick up sounds made by you typing on the keyboard as well as the motor in the optical drive if a disc is present. You can reduce the sound interference by reducing the volume of the microphone in the Sound section of the Control Panel. Alternatively, you can connect an external microphone to the Sony VAIO if you must type or use the optical drive while recording.


  • After you enable and configure the Sony VAIO microphone in Control Panel, most chat applications should detect it automatically. Nevertheless, you may need to configure and test the microphone in the chat program before you can use it. To do this, first look for the "Options," "Preferences" or "Tools" menu options, then select "Audio and Video" or another similar command option. Follow the prompts in the Audio and Video set up wizard to configure the microphone for use with the chat program.


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