How to Use a Brother Scanner

By Steven Symes

Whether your Brother scanner comes as part of a printer or not, in order to use it you must connect it to a computer using a USB cable. That computer must have the scanner's software package installed in order to properly process the scan file once it is sent from the scanner. Follow these basic instructions for using your Brother scanner, whether it has a document feeder or only allows you to place a single sheet on the scanning glass at a time.

Scan Documents

Turn on the Brother device and the attached computer. Make sure the two devices are connected by a USB cable.

Click the computer desktop's "Start" button and select "All Programs." Select the folder labeled "Brother" and click the sub-folder labeled "PaperPort" to launch the program.

Load the document to be scanned either face-up in the scanner's document feeder or face-down on the scanning glass. Click the Brother device's icon in the PaperPort window to launch a settings window.

Change any settings in the new window, which will vary depending on the scanning capabilities of your device.

Click the "Start" button at the bottom of the window. Once the scan has completed, choose a spot on the computer's hard drive to save the file. For easy retrieval, you may choose your desktop.