How to Use a Breathalyzer

by Chris Joseph

A breathalyzer is a device that measures the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream. It is used by law enforcement to determine whether a driver is intoxicated and by individuals as an indicator of whether it is legal and safe to operate a vehicle. It operates by the individual blowing into the unit, which will then register and display the blood alcohol content (BAC).

Turn on the breathalyzer and allow a few moments for it to warm up. During this time, the device's sensor will calibrate to the proper temperature to ensure an accurate reading.

Wait for the device to indicate it is ready for use. Depending on the model, this could be shown by a "ready" signal or a beeping sound.

Blow into the device, maintaining a long, sharp, steady breath. If a reading does not register, repeat the process with a harder, sharper breath.

Wait a few moments while the breathalyzer calculates a reading. The length of processing time will vary depending on the type of model used.

When finished calculating, the device will display a reading of your blood alcohol content. It is important to know the legal BAC limit allowable in your state to determine if driving a vehicle is permissible.

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