How to Use Bose Lifestyle Speakers With a Receiver

By James Clark

Use a plug adapter to connect Bose speakers to another brand of receiver.
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Bose Lifestyle speakers are midsize loudspeakers designed for home stereo and home theater use. The Lifestyle series is equipped with preinstalled speaker cables terminating in a special plug that connects to Bose receivers. These proprietary connections make hooking up the Lifestyle to a Bose system fast and simple, but present a challenge if the owner wants to connect the speakers to a different system and use them with another brand of receiver. A Bose speaker adapter can convert the plug so standard speaker cables can be used with another receiver.

Insert the plug on the end of a Bose Lifestyle speaker cable into the matching jack on a Bose speaker adapter.

Strip 1/2 inch of insulation off each of the two strands on one end of a speaker wire.

Insert the red speaker wire into the hole beneath the red terminal on the Bose speaker adapter. Lift the red spring clip to expose the hole for inserting the wire.

Connect the other wire to the black terminal on the adapter in the same manner.

Strip 1/2 inch of insulation off the two strands on the opposite end of the speaker wire and connect to a set of terminals on the back of the receiver. Repeat the connections for a second Bose Lifestyle to hook up a pair of speakers to the receiver.

Turn on the receiver and activate the pair of connected Bose Lifestyle speakers by pressing the corresponding speaker button on the speaker control panel. For example, if the Bose Lifestyles are connected to the terminals for Speaker System 1, press the button for that speaker system. Adjust the volume on the receiver to the desired level.