How to Use a Blackberry Phone

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Synchronize files from your remote PC via your software on your BlackBerry phone. Use desktop manager to organize and manage your BlackBerry desktop. Use BlackBerry's phone as modem to stay connected to the internet. Using a BlackBerry phone is a functional benefit and one of the more pleasant and enjoyable electronic gadgets to work with.

Set up voice dialing on a BlackBerry phone

Press the call button. Wait for the dial tone.

Speak into the phone and say the word “Call”.

Say the name or number of the person you wish to contact on your phone. Press the End key to hang up the phone.

Use the BlackBerry web browser

Press the Menu key to open a menu. Toggle between applications by hitting both the Alt and Esc keys.

Use the BlackBerry Pearl’s track ball to move your cursor around the screen and browse the internet. Older models use a track wheel on the side of the phone.

Copy and paste text by first highlighting the text on screen with the cursor. The Context menu will change and allow you to select the option to copy the text and paste it. This is a very intuitive feature.

Use the scroll bar on the right side of the screen for long web pages. Tap on the escape button to go back to previous web pages. Close a web page by holding down the escape button for a couple seconds. View a maximum of 18 lines of text with 35 characters per line.

Transfer files between a computer and a BlackBerry phone

Open the Desktop Manager.

Double-click on the Media Manager icon.

Drag the files you want to copy from your computer to your phone.

Get your GPS location

Find your location, near by facilities, and get driving instructions with your GPS signal. Begin by standing away from buildings, and remain somewhere with an open sky above for optimum results.

Click Options, then Advanced options to get information related to your immediate location through your GPS signal on your BlackBerry.

Click on GPS and turn the location on.

Press Menu, then click on the Refresh GPS option. This will give you your GPS signal location. Click Menu again and choose Save.

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