How to Use a Belkin Transfer Cable

By Jedadiah Casey

Transfer files and settings between computers with a Belkin Easy Transfer cable.
i usb cable image by Horticulture from

When a new Windows 7 computer is purchased, it includes built-in software to transfer files and settings from a different computer. The other computer can be running either Windows XP, Vista or 7, and it can be either 32-bit or 64-bit. The only caveat is that a 32-bit copy of Windows can only be transferred to a new 32-bit system and likewise with 64-bit. Belkin makes the transfer process easy with a USB cable designed exclusively for this task.

Plug one end of the USB transfer cable into your new computer running Windows 7.

Open the "Windows Easy Transfer" program under "Accessories."

Click the "An Easy Transfer Cable" button, then the "This is my new computer" button.

Click the "I already installed it on my old computer" button. This is assuming that you have already installed Easy Transfer on your old computer, but it is not to late to do so.

Download and install the "Windows Easy Transfer" software on your old computer running either Windows XP or Vista; if it is Windows 7, it will already be installed. Run the software after it has been installed.

Plug the other end of the Easy Transfer Cable into the old computer.

Click the "An easy transfer cable" button, then click the "This is my old computer" button on the old computer.

Click the "Next" button to begin the transfer process.