How to Use Avery 5309 With Word 2007

By Foye Robinson

Word 2007 includes preset dimensions for Avery 5390 tent cards.
i table card image by Jan Will from

Word 2007 includes a variety of label settings that you can apply to your page. You'll find preset dimensions for mailing labels, file-folder labels, table tents, business cards and postcards. Each is designed to help you work more efficiently. The Avery 5309 option enables you to create tent cards, printed on a standard-size sheet of paper. Once you've selected the label, you can enter your text directly in the label window or on your page.

Select "Mailings" tab in Ribbon, then click on "Labels" in "Create" group.

Choose "Options" in the "Envelopes and Label" dialog box.

Choose "Avery US Letter" from "Label vendors" in the "Label Options" dialog box. Select "5309" from "Product number" and click "OK."

Type your contents into the "Address" box in the label window or leave it blank. To print the contents directly from the dialog box, load your paper in the printer tray and click "Print." To load the page on your screen instead, click "New Document."

Type in the contents of the tent card on your page (if you chose to leave the "Address" box blank in the previous step). Press the "Tab" key to advance to the next card on your page.

Place the Avery tent cards into the printer tray once you are finished. Then select the Office Button and choose "Print" and "Print." Enter the number of cards you want to print in the "Print" dialog box, then click "OK."