How to Use the ASUS Recovery CD

by JonathanHuppert

Asus brand computers and motherboards are packaged with a special recovery CD-ROM that has emergency re-install software for the Asus computer or hardware functions. You might need the Asus recovery CD-ROM if your hard drive is corrupt, your operating system needs to be re-installed or in the event you accidentally delete an important file directory. The CD-ROM is usually included with the user manual packaging in a white disk envelope and usage is as easy as inserting it into the computer's CD-ROM tray and clicking through installation menus.

Using the Asus Recovery CD

Erase corrupt programs before attempting to reinstall them via the Asus recovery CD

Determine which Asus programs or components are not functioning correctly and require the Asus recovery CD. This includes all drivers, operating systems, wireless Internet utilities and other programs that interface with the Asus computer hardware. If possible, completely uninstall all corrupted software from the Asus computer to ensure an effective repair.

Insert the Asus recovery CD to begin reinstallation.

Restart the Asus computer with corrupted software. Before reboot, insert the Asus recovery CD-ROM into the CD drive. Allow the computer to restart and open BIOS by pressing F9. Select the CD drive where the recovery CD-ROM is located and restart your computer so that it boots from the disk drive rather than the hard drive. Your computer will then load the "recovery partition" of your hard drive and prompt you, asking what restore functions should be completed. Begin browsing the list of Asus recovery tools to select from in the CD-ROM's main menu.

Repairing computer programs is simple with the Asus recovery CD.

Select the desired Asus program or utility to install from the recovery CD dialogue menu and click the button labeled "install." Accept the end-user agreement and click "next," the Asus recovery CD should then begin to install the desired programs onto the computer. A computer reboot may be required to finalized each installation.

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