How to Use the ASUS Eee PC Touch Pad

by David Clair

The Eee PC line by ASUS includes a range of small notebook computers. Each model is equipped with a touchpad that guides the mouse pointer. The touchpad can be used with a single finger or two fingers at a time, depending on the action that needs to be taken. In addition to single-finger actions, the touchpad can be used to zoom in and out using two fingers simultaneously.


Move a single finger around the touchpad to move the position of the mouse pointer on the screen.


Press the left touchpad button to perform a left-click operation. Press the right touchpad button to open a right-click menu.


Move two fingertips apart on the touchpad to zoom in on a document or Web page.


Move two fingertips together on the touchpad to zoom out on a Web page or document.


  • check Use a light touch near the middle of the touch pad to move the mouse cursor around your screen without scrolling.
  • check To scroll the page, touch and hold down the touch pad near the far right or near the very bottom of the touch pad.


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