How to Use the Add Comment Button on Facebook

by Morgan O'Connor

A quick exploration of Facebook reveals that it provides a way for your friends to share various life details. A Facebook user can list her favorite music, movies and hobbies, along with her education and employment information. She can also post status updates that inform her social circle of current thoughts and activities. Facebook allows you to add comments to many of these events and updates, thereby sharing your reactions to your friends' posts and updates.


Find the event, update or other item on Facebook on which you wish to comment. If you know who posted the item on which you wish to comment, visit his profile to find the item more easily. Every item has either the word "Comment" below it or a box with the words "Write a comment" inside.


Click on the word "Comment" if the "Write a comment" box is not visible. This makes the "Write a comment" box appear. Click inside the "Write a comment" box.


Type the comment you wish to add into the "Write a comment" box.


Click the blue "Comment" button under the "Write a comment" box after you are done composing your comment. This posts the comment.


  • check If neither the "Write a comment" box nor the blue "Comment" word appears, your friend has disabled comments and you cannot leave one.

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