How to Use Acrobat to View .Xdf Files

By Stephen Lilley

One of the many different file types that Adobe's Acrobat software can view is the .XDF file. Though Acrobat isn't used to create .XDF files, it can be used to display the content contained within these files. If you want to use your copy of Adobe Acrobat to view a .XDF file, you can do so by opening the file within the program the same way you would a PDF or other type of Acrobat supported file extension.

Open Adobe Acrobat using its shortcut icon in the "All Programs" folder of your "Start" menu.

Click "File." From this drop down menu, select "Open."

Select the XDF file you want to view from wherever it is located on your hard drive. Click the "Open" button to view the contents of your .XDF file in Adobe Acrobat.