How to Use Access to Extract Data From Outlook

by Bennett Gavrish
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When using the Microsoft Access application to create database files, you can choose to import data from a variety of sources or programs. One of the import options is Outlook, one of the most popular email clients among PC users. When using Access to extract data from Outlook, you can choose to import information from your calendar, contacts or mailboxes.

Step 1

Open the Microsoft Access program on your PC computer.

Step 2

Open the database file that you want to use to extract Outlook data. If you want to start with a blank database, you can click on the "Create a new file" button.

Step 3

Open the "File" menu at the top of the window, go into the "Get External Data" folder then select "Import."

Step 4

Select "Outlook" as the file type and wait for the Import Wizard window to open.

Step 5

Click on the mailbox, address book or calendar that you want to extract, then hit "Next."

Step 6

Choose to either add the Outlook data to a new table or an existing table in the database, then hit "Next" again.

Modify the field names then hit "Finish" to extract the selected data from Outlook.


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