USB to USB Transfer Software

By Nicole Martinez

The USB to USB cable has the same plug at either end.
i usb 3 image by Bosko Martinovic from

Computer users who wish to move data between multiple computers, and have no storage device, can create a simple network with a USB data transfer cable and the provided software. This network can also facilitate the sharing of an Internet connection.


A computer user can rely on a USB-to-USB data transfer cable that plugs into the USB ports on separate computers to create a simple connection. This enables her to transfer data from one computer to the other. The accompanying software facilitates the connection, and may also provide a user interface through which to transfer the files.


Frequently, the user must install a driver -- a program that controls hardware -- to enable the computers to recognize the device. In this case, the computer at the other end. USB-to-USB transfer cables may come with a disc that includes the driver. The software may also provide an efficient way for the user to transfer files between computers.


Not all USB data transfer cables require software installation. For example, Belkin manufacturers the USB 2.0 File Transfer Cable that requires no drivers for connections between Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 computers.