USB to Ethernet Cable Adapter

by Anthony Hare

Ethernet cables are used to connect computers to Internet modems, routers and even other computers. Computers missing an Ethernet connector or requiring additional connectors can have a USB adapter installed to turn the USB port into an Ethernet port.

How It Works

The device simply plugs into a free USB port and then acts in a similar respect to an Ethernet port. Depending on the device, it may require additional drivers to be installed before it can work properly.


Many computers only tend to have a single Ethernet port, and so in the case that you need additional connections, for example, to directly network with another computer, this is an ideal solution. On most modern machines, the device is plug and play.


It is not nearly as convenient as a wireless networking device when it comes to networking with other wireless devices, such as laptops with built in wi-fi, or PCs that are wireless-enabled.


USB to Ethernet adapters are listed on most online electronics retailers and computer specialists and can be found from around $15.

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