How to View My Usage on Straight Talk

by Allen Bethea
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Running out of call minutes or data on your Straight TalkTalk phone "All You Need" pay-as-you-go plan can be a problem if you need your phone for work or in an emergency. Fortunately, Straight Talk provides a way you can gauge your phone usage so you can get a refill before it's too late. You can find out the number of call minutes, text messages and megabytes of data you have left by calling Straight Talk from your phone or by visiting the company's website.

Use the Straight Talk Website

Step 1

Launch your Web browser and visit the website.

Step 2

Click "See Balance/Service Date" on the website menu.

Step 3

Type in your Straight Talk phone number, the last four digits of your phone's serial number and then click "Submit." Your balance will display on screen, and a text message will be sent to your phone.

Subtract the call minute balance from 1000 to get your call usage. Subtract the remaining texts from 1000 to get your text usage. You can estimate your data usage by subtracting the balance from the 30MB provided by the "All You Need" plan.

Check From Your Phone

Step 1

Dial Straight Talk's Customer Care Center at 1-877-430-2355.

Step 2

Select the "Balance and/or Service End Date" menu.

Say "Yes" to verify your phone number. Straight Talk will then send you a text message with your call, data and text message balance.


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