How to Get a URL From a Sound File

By Stephen Lilley

If you're listening to a sound file over the Internet, that file has a URL attached to it. If you were to type that URL into the address bar of your browser, for example, it would take you right to the sound file as opposed to the main page where you found the file in the first place. If you want to get the URL of a sound file you've located on the Internet, you just need to look at that sound file's "Properties" window.

Open your Web browser.

Navigate to the website that contains the sound file you'd like to find the URL of.

Right click on the hyperlink that takes you to the sound file. If the sound file is playing in an embedded media player on the page, right click on the media player. Do not left click on either the hyperlink or the media player (whichever applicable), as then the sound file will begin to play.

Click "Properties."

View the information contained in the sound file's "Properties" window. This will tell you the exact URL Web address of the sound file.