Uploading a Google Map to Facebook

by Ryan Menezes
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Facebook contains an integrated map, powered by Microsoft Bing, for plotting all your photos and everywhere you've visited. You can also connect your friends to external maps, such as Google Maps, by posting links to your timeline. An image from the map will upload to Facebook, and friends who click the link will open the full map in a different tab. Sharing maps this way can be an easy method for sharing directions with your contacts.

Step 1

Open Google Maps in your browser (see link in Resources). Move to the location that you want to share using the page's search bar or navigation controls.

Step 2

Click the chain icon beside the printer icon in the page's sidebar to open a new panel.

Step 3

Click the check box labeled "Short URL," and then select and copy the URL that appears. This URL resembles the following: http://goo.gl/maps/xcBQ8

Step 4

Log in to Facebook and paste the copied URL into the status update box on your Timeline. After a few seconds, Facebook adds a preview of the Google map, which contains an image, a title and a sentence of text.

Step 5

Click the arrows beside the image to choose which image to upload with your map.

Step 6

Click the title and type a title of your own.

Step 7

Click the sentence of text and write your own message. By default, the original message reads "Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps."

Click "Post" to upload the Google map.


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