How to Upload Zip Files

by Brandy Alexander

A ZIP is a type of extension that contains one or more files. This file type is ideal for sharing information because the ZIP file compresses the data of the file(s) and is accessible on both a PC and Mac computer operating system. Further, you have the option to upload your ZIP files to a Web host so that users can download the ZIP from the Internet. Use a free online resource to upload your ZIP file and successfully distribute your data.

Point your browser to an Internet file host like MediaFire, File Dropper, FileFactory, YouShare or FileDen. If using File Den, click the "Create Account" button to register for this free service.

Click the "Upload" button and follow the instructions to select the ZIP file from your computer. Use the dialog window that automatically opens to navigate to your file, click on it and then use the menu button to confirm that you want to upload the data. Use this process for all of the file hosts mentioned in the above step.

Copy the URL address that displays after the upload process completes. Paste the URL in a Web space, such as your blog, to make the ZIP file available for download.


  • check The upload process may take a few seconds to a few minutes depending on how large your ZIP file is.

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