How to Upload a Voicemail Greeting

By Mary Jane

Use your own voice mail greeting or use a prerecorded one.
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Voice mail greetings are recorded greetings from the phone owner, so callers will know they have reached the right phone. Greetings are played when the phone owner can't answer the phone, and the caller is then transferred to voice mail. Voice mail greetings often tell callers to leave their name, their number and a brief message. You can choose to record your own personal greeting, use an automated custom message from your service provider, or find a greeting online and record it as your own.

Upload Personal Greeting

Practice what you will say for your personal greeting. If you are seeking creative ideas, visit Creative Voicemail Messages (see Reference section).

Enter your personal voice mail menu from your cellular device.

Select the "Greetings" option. If you would like to record your own personal greeting, select the "Custom" option instead of the "Default" option.

Follow the instructions to record your greeting. Often, it requires you to press either * or # to start the recording process, and to end it with the same action.

Upload Prerecorded Greeting

Find your greeting file or a song you want to upload as your voice mail greeting. This could be a file on the computer, an excerpt of a song or a prerecorded voice mail message found on the Internet. YouMail has many prerecorded voice mail messages (see Reference section).

Log into your voice mail menu and select the "Greetings" option. Select the "Custom" option to record your own greeting.

Press the button that starts the recording process, while you hold your cell phone up to the computer speaker. Play the file, so the file becomes your recorded message. Listen to the greeting before exiting the voice mail menu to ensure the recording is understandable.