How to Upload Videos on Facebook Faster

By James Wright

Compressing videos to smaller sizes means less to upload.
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Along with enabling sharing of photos and text, Facebook enables you to upload video files directly to the website, meaning you don't have to upload a video to another host to share a video. Uploading videos takes much longer than uploading images, so to make sure you're uploading as fast as possible, the key is using as much bandwidth as possible for your upload. Making your video file smaller also helps, especially with much larger files.

Step 1

Open the video file in Windows Movie Maker. Click "File," mouse over "Save movie," and then scroll down the list to click "Facebook." This saves the video to your computer in a format optimized for Facebook. Then upload the compressed file to Facebook. This process can shave off much of the file's original size compared to uploading directly from the camera.

Step 2

Avoid opening new tabs, playing Facebook games or browsing Facebook in general. Any browsing, especially anything that requires downloading, like viewing pictures or videos, will take away bandwidth from your upload and cause it to take that much longer.

Step 3

Close any programs or processes on your computer that might use extra bandwidth, such as live streams, downloads, games or media players. This frees up additional bandwidth for your upload. Check any other computers on your connection as well. If any of them are using bandwidth, it can affect your data transfer even if it's not the same computer. This is especially important on slower connections.